Magik Cubes – Jaipur

Magik Cubes – Jaipur:  Magik Cubes is a global platform to Find + Rent or List, Shared Office Spaces, Coworking Spaces, Hacker Spaces or Skills for Startups, Individuals, Freelancers, Home Offices and Small & Medium Businesses.

They are an Award-winning, super smart folks working towards the great mission to make the world a the happiest place to Work and Enjoy.

Location: 65-B, Near Airtel Office, Suraj Nagar west, Ajmer Road, Jaipur


Contact: +91-8955093595

magik cubes-jaipur

Magik Cubes, helping 1000’s of Startups, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Home Offices and Small & Medium Business to easily:

  • Rent or Share their Idle and Spare Office Spaces, Desks, Conference rooms, Skills and Office infrastructures like the internet, projector, printer, coffee machine, etc., with other Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Freelancers to Monetize and earn extra money.
  • Find affordable cost, Shared Office Spaces, Desks, Conference rooms and Skills to save money. As working in a Shared Office Space is less expensive than Renting full own office space.
  • Share Office spaces or Skills based on an hour or day to weeks or months as they want. The place and timing in working such places are flexible and have a reasonable cost. Working at the desired place, and desired time.
  • Provides the opportunity to meet and interact with professionals in various fields, by gaining knowledge from their experiences through expanding their business networks and skills.
  • The core attraction for Startups and Entrepreneurs using “Magik Cubes” is that it gets easier for them to access Shared Office Spaces and Skills they required for their Business through Collaboration.


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